Batwoman: Who’s Taking Care Of Wayne Manor Without Alfred?

Batwoman: Who's Taking Care Of Wayne Manor Without Alfred?

Batwoman’s Season 2 premiere accidentally raised the question of who is keeping Wayne Manor clean in the absence of Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred.

The Batwoman season 2 premiere inadvertently raised an interesting point: Who is currently taking care of Wayne Manor in the Arrowverse? This curious question was the result of two separate subplots; one which took place within the confines of Bruce Wayne’s ancestral home and another which detailed the current whereabouts of Bruce Wayne’s butler and foster father, Alfred Pennyworth.

The chief villain of “What Happened To Kate Kane?” was Tommy Elliot, aka Hush. Another scion of Gotham City’s idle rich, Elliot became obsessed with one-upping his boyhood friend, Bruce Wayne. That obsession turned deadly after Batman thwarted Elliot’s attempt to kill his parents and inherit their fortune and Elliot paid The Riddler to help him figure out who Batman was, discovering Wayne’s secret identity. After being committed to Arkham Asylum following a plot to lure Batman out of hiding (which Kate Kane thwarted early in her career as Batwoman) Elliot allied himself with the Wonderland Gang leader, Alice, who agreed to help him with his plan to avenge himself on Bruce Wayne, in exchange for his help in getting revenge on her sister, Kate, and father, Jacob. To that end, Alice crafted a realistic flesh mask Tommy Elliot could use to pose as Bruce Wayne, so that he could acquire the last piece of Kryptonite on Earth for her, as that was the one thing that could cut through Batwoman’s armor.

Hush was true to his word and acquired the Kryptonite, as promised. Unfortunately, he quickly became distracted by the opportunities offered by the chance to play at being Bruce Wayne. This ended with him throwing a wild private party with two models and a drunken Alice, despondent over the news of Kate Kane’s apparent death and the ruination of her perfect revenge scheme, confronting “cousin Bruce” and informing him of her intention to move into Wayne Manor with him. The scenes set in Wayne Manor showed the mansion to be clean and in good repair, apart from there being some issue with the steam shower not steaming properly, according to one of Elliot’s playmates. This revelation didn’t quite fit with some information offered up later in the episode; that Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, was no longer in Gotham City and no longer looking after Wayne Manor.

Batwoman: Who's Taking Care Of Wayne Manor Without Alfred?
Batwoman: Who’s Taking Care Of Wayne Manor Without Alfred?

Alfred’s fate was revealed after his daughter, Julia, ran into Hush at Crow’s Security HQ, where he was reporting Alice’s hiding in Wayne Manor to his “Uncle Jake.” Julia became suspicious after Hush didn’t seem to recognize Alfred’s codename, “the Eagle,” and didn’t bat an eye at her claim that her father was “at home in Glasgow.” The truth was that Alfred Pennyworth was currently alive and living in London; a fact she later revealed while speaking to Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton about the fake Bruce Wayne.

Ignoring the question of why the ever-loyal Alfred Pennyworth would move to London when the Arrowverse version of Bruce Wayne had been missing for four years, this indirectly raised the question of why Wayne Manor was in such good condition when Hush made himself at home. The obvious answer is that Luke Fox, who had been managing Wayne Enterprises in Bruce Wayne’s absence, probably took it upon himself to pay for a cleaning service to keep Wayne Manor spotless in anticipation of his boss’s return. That being said, Batwoman fans probably shouldn’t expect to see more of Wayne Manor in the future now that Hush’s scheme to replace Bruce Wayne has been foiled by the new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder, at least for now.