How A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Created Mr. Rogers’ Set

How A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Created Mr. Rogers' Set

Exclusive: A special A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood behind-the-scenes clip shows how the team was able to recreate the Mister Rogers set.

A special look at A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood shows how the crew perfectly recreated the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood set for the movie. While the film ultimately wasn’t as much of an awards contender as some might have hoped, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was still one of the most acclaimed offerings of 2019, winning critics and audiences over with its heartfelt story punctuated by themes of kindness and forgiveness. A major reason why the film was successful was Tom Hanks’ picture-perfect portrayal of Fred Rogers, brilliantly bringing the children’s television host to life. Hanks earned A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’s lone Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

When the first image of Hanks as Rogers was released, it was clear director Marielle Heller and her team put a lot of time and effort into the look of the film, doing their best to replicate the classic Mister Rogers show. Running from 1968-2001, the popular program was famous for its distinct set, which stayed in the same design for as long as the series was on the air. Getting A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’s version of the set right was key for the film, and they were able to use some of the original materials.

To promote A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’s home media release (the film is now available on Digital and hits Blu-ray on February 18), Sony released an exclusive clip to Screen Rant detailing the Mister Rogers set used in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Watch it for yourself in the space below:

One of the reasons why A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’s set was so authentic to the real Mister Roger’s Neighborhood is because Heller and company shot those sequences at WQED on the same stage Fred Rogers used. They were even able to call upon some of the original Mister Rogers crew members (like lighting director Frank Warninsky) and work with actual props from the show. Of course, the production design team spearheaded by Jade Healy had to create their own materials for the movie, but even there she was able to draw from behind-the-scenes photographs to ensure things were as accurate as possible. Looking at the finished product, it’s safe to say Healy and crew did a great job.

Heller hasn’t lined up her next directorial project yet, but it’s safe to say that whatever she does after A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, she’ll once again display her sharp eye for detail. That’s become one of her strongest assets as a filmmaker, as her previous movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? was also praised for its period aspects. Heller is certainly rising up the ranks as one of this generation’s finest directors, and maybe soon she’ll land an Oscar nomination for her work.