Criminal Minds Season 14 Game-Changing Reveal


Spoilers for the Criminal Minds 14

Note: The accompanying article contains spoilers for the Criminal Minds season 14 finale.

Criminal Minds watchers, have you lifted your jaws up off the floor yet after JJ’s stunning affirmation in the season 14 finale?

If not, we couldn’t accuse you, since JJ (A. J. Cook) truly changed the whole powerful of the arrangement while attempting to escape a prisoner circumstance with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). In the current week’s scene, a wound UnSub was controlling individuals to cause vehicle crashes, at that point shoot the driver. So when cornered, he constrained JJ to admit her most profound mystery to Reid — which was that she was frantically enamored with him.


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Of course, the couple figured out how to bring down the UnSub, and JJ later guaranteed Reid she was just attempting to advise the executioner what he needed to hear. In any case, is that extremely reality? Separating the unforeseen new development with TVLine, showrunner Erica Messer said she was at first restricted to the possibility of JJ and Reid regularly turning into a couple.

“What’s interesting pretty much the majority of this is the pitch came to me from the essayist’s room, and I’m so ‘mother lion’ pretty much the majority of the characters, so my quick response was, ‘That is not getting down to business, they’re kin. No, they’re kin, they’re kin,” she recollected.

“And afterward the room continued pitching me, and I had written in [Episode] 300 about that time that Reid welcomed her to the Redskins game and other individuals were kind of attempting to combine them up as a team… “We had longer discussions about it, and I thought, well, you realize these individuals have been in the channels together — not actually, clearly, yet to the extent work goes, it’s decisive regularly, and why should we say who draws near and who doesn’t draw near?”

Is that really the truth?


Messer went on: “I’ve conversed with bounty in law authorization, and there’s a bond there that challenges a customary definition. Thus, I only sort of fell more infatuated with the possibility that, definitely, it’s muddled and it’s bizarre, and ‘I’ve cherished you for quite a while’, like, that is only reality. We’re going to plunge into that in the initial two hours [of season 15] on the grounds that we can’t leave everyone hanging and afterward imagine it didn’t occur.

“It’s certainly a tremendous driver for the main bunch of scenes that will help add layers to those characters once more.” Asked whether she trusted JJ was extremely just feigning about her affections for Reid, Messer conceded: “It’s so interesting, taking a survey of individuals, half of them think she was lying since we set up in the absolute starting point when they’re playing poker and she says, ‘I’m a superior liar than you might suspect’.

“In this way, half of the individuals believe she’s lying, and half of them think she was coming clean, however 100% think he adores her as well, with the goal that’s the place it’s hard. Everyone resembles, ‘Goodness, obviously he cherishes JJ, that is no secret’.”Messer guaranteed a few answers about JJ and Reid’s actual sentiments when Criminal Minds returns for its fifteenth and last season in the fall.

“We definitely realized we would need to continue pursuing Michael Mosely [aka ‘The Chameleon’], and that is extraordinary for a last 10, however inwardly, what are we returning for?” she clarified. “This felt like a truly intriguing, astounding approach. She went on: “in all actuality, we had a long discussion with Matthew and with AJ and just stated, ‘Here, this is what we’re considering doing. Do you have any issues with this?’ And they were for it.”