Fear the Walking Dead bosses respond to fan backlash over divisive fifth season

Fear the Walking Dead bosses respond to fan backlash over divisive fifth season

"We told the story that we believe in and we're proud of what we did."

The showrunners for Fear the Walking Dead have addressed the fan backlash against the fifth season, which has just ended.

The most recent season of the AMC series has proven to be incredibly divisive among viewers, with a large number being vocally critical about the episodes and storylines.

There has even been a fan petition calling for AMC to remove Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who joined the show at the start of season 4, as showrunners.

When asked by Insider about the heavy criticism from fans and how that might affect plans for next season, Chambliss said that he was “proud” of season 5.

“We told the story that we believe in and we’re proud of what we did,” he said. “And in terms of going forward, the show is changing and that’s always been part of the plan.

“It changes every season and every half season, and we’re very excited about the direction it’s going and a lot of the tough challenges that our characters ahead are going to be facing.”

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And when asked about his thoughts on the season as a whole, fellow co-showrunner Goldberg praised everyone who worked on the show for telling “a story that we really believe in”.

“It was exciting for us to dig into what it meant to face the apocalypse with a lens that was more optimistic and hopeful and about connection and helping people,” he said.

“Obviously we see that that – in the finale – is being met with a huge roadblock in the way of Virginia and her people. And it’s going to completely shift the paradigm going forward in season 6.

“That’s a story that we really believe in, that we were excited to tell in season 5. So looking back on it, we’re excited by how it took shape and really proud of our amazing cast and crew for helping to bring it to life.”

Fear the Walking Dead bosses respond to fan backlash over divisive fifth season

“He’s completely alone. He’s without his entire group. He’s been shot. He’s got walkers encroaching upon him.

“He tells everyone else to live. Whether he’ll be able to do that, we’ll have to see. And we’ll have to see if even his message reached the rest of the group, because there’s nothing that tells us anyone even heard. So that’s a question for season 6.”

Fellow co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss added that Lennie was on board with the ending.

“I think one of the things that Lennie found attractive about that endpoint for Morgan this season, whether he lives or dies, is the fact that Morgan has gotten himself to a place where he feels like he’s made up for a lot of the things that he’s done.

Fear the Walking Dead bosses respond to fan backlash over divisive fifth season

“And Lennie described that feeling as he was delivering that final walkie message as one of pride that he and the rest of the group were able to hold onto who they were. And along the way, they were able to save a lot of people.

“So whether or not this is the end of Morgan, I think he in that moment feels satisfied knowing that he has made a real difference.”