Fear the Walking Dead’s Danay Garcia Doesn’t Expect Her Character to Find Love Again

Fear the Walking Dead actor Danay García shares she doesn’t expect her character Luciana Galvez to find love after her relationship with Nick Clark.

Fear the Walking Dead star Danay García doesn’t think Luciana expects to find love after her boyfriend Nick’s death. A spinoff of AMC’s massively popular The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead season 6 premiered this week. The series initially centered around a family but has since evolved to focus on a host of other characters. Likewise, the show’s action began in California but soon moved to Mexico. Fear the Walking Dead’s rapidly changing storylines have made it a strong companion to the original series.

García joined the spinoff on a recurring basis in season 2, before becoming a series regular for season 3 and beyond. Her character Luciana was introduced via Nick, after her community helped him in Tijuana. Though the two initially butted heads, they eventually formed a bond that turned romantic. Unfortunately, their relationship was cut short in season 4, when Nick was shot and killed by Charlie. However, Luciana has stayed on Fear the Walking Dead since then, becoming a member of Morgan Jones’ group and a favorite of many viewers.

Though exciting things are ahead for Luciana in season 6, García doesn’t think love will be one of them. Appearing on the show’s panel at New York Comic Con, the actor addressed Luciana’s romantic life, reflecting on the possibility of her character finding love again:

It’s hard. I think, you know, when you find love in the most in the darkest time, right, in humanity, it’s something that is hard to let go. It’s so magical and it happens when you least expected it to be to happen. But I think she’s getting used to living without him. But I don’t think she expects love to touch her in that way anymore in life. I feel like she’s there.

Fear the Walking Dead’s Danay Garcia Doesn’t Expect Her Character to Find Love Again

Fear the Walking Dead’s Danay Garcia Doesn’t Expect Her Character to Find Love Again

Though some Fear the Walking Dead viewers may be disappointed by García’s words, they aren’t entirely surprising. Luciana and Nick shared a special relationship, so it makes sense she doesn’t expect her character to find another of that caliber anytime soon. Luciana is also still mourning Nick and their connection and likely needs to sit with that awhile before pursuing anyone else. However, a new relationship could certainly happen in the future, even if it doesn’t have the same impact as Luciana’s partnership with Nick.

Any new romantic relationship would have to be handled carefully, as many viewers loved Nick and Luciana together. However, TV characters often experience the death of a soul mate or other romantic partner and wind up falling in love again. Characters from The Walking Dead franchise are especially used to this, as the shows often feature unexpected deaths. In a way, it helps García believes Luciana doesn’t expect to find love again. That means any future relationship will be a pleasant surprise to both her character and Fear the Walking Dead viewers, ultimately increasing its impact.


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