Hawkeye’s Original Plan Would Have Ruined Clint Barton’s Story

Hawkeye's Original Plan Would Have Ruined Clint Barton's Story

A Disney+ documentary on the making of Hawkeye reveals the original plan for the show, which would have totally ruined Clint Barton’s story.

Marvel’s original plan for Hawkeye would have ruined Clint Barton’s entire storyline for the series. Marvel Studios: Assembled’s “The Making of Hawkeye” documentary dropped new behind-the-scenes details about the show, including reveals about how the show came together. Apparently, Clint’s story came close to heading in a different direction.

The focus of the eight-episode Disney+ series was Clint’s team-up with Kate Bishop (Hailee Stenfield), but what really set it all in motion was his decision to take a family trip to New York City. His wife and children had a limited presence in the main story, but still played roles in Hawkeye’s overarching story. Kate’s problems forced Clint (Jeremy Renner) to send his family home without him, while he remained behind to get the Ronin suit back and fight off the gangsters that were targeting Kate. It took eight episodes for the adventure to end, but once Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) fell, Clint was free to reunite with his family in the Hawkeye finale.

Hawkeye executive producer Trinh Tran said in “The Making of Hawkeye” that they originally intended for the show to begin with Clint and his family at their farm in Iowa. Later it was decided for the story to kick off with the Bartons already in New York City. The problem with that is that much of Hawkeye’s story hinged on the family being split up in the city. Clint was torn because they were on a vacation to experience Christmas in New York, but circumstances forced them to bring their time there as a family to an early end. Clint’s determination to get back to them before Christmas was a fundamental aspect of the story, so removing that plot detail would have taken that away.

Hawkeye's Original Plan Would Have Ruined Clint Barton's Story
Hawkeye’s Original Plan Would Have Ruined Clint Barton’s Story

At least in regards to the MCU, the Barton family is essentially the heart of Hawkeye’s character. Clint didn’t really have a good answer for Kate when she asked questions about his “branding” but Hawkeye proved that Clint’s devotion to his family is what really makes him unique as an MCU superhero. His wife and children made him a better person and were his real redemption for the actions of his past, which was something he explained to Kate in the show. And when he lost them to Thanos’ snap, he went back to being a “weapon” who murdered his enemies in cold blood.

Hawkeye was very much about Clint being split between following his heart and adhering to his duties as a hero. His direct connection to Kate’s problem via the Ronin suit and his natural instinct to get involved kept him from the thing that he wanted the most. But Hawkeye sticking it out and overcoming the challenges that stood in his way is what made watching him make it home in time for Christmas such a rewarding experience. Hawkeye doing it any other way wouldn’t have worked.