Jay Cutler Will Pay $1000 For Return Of His Missing Dog Bane

Jay Cutler Will Pay $1000 For Return Of His Missing Dog Bane

Jay Cutler’s dog Bane has gone missing. Cutler from Very Cavallari is offering a cash reward of $1,000 to anyone who returns his beloved pooch.

Jay Cutler from Very Cavallari has a dog named Bane and this pet has gone missing. Jay is offering a cash reward to anyone who will bring back his German Shepherd. He will pay $1,000 and is asking everyone in his neighborhood to find Bane. He’s also reaching out for help from people on the Internet. Cutler used to be a quarterback and later appeared on Very Cavallari with his ex-partner, Kristin Cavallari. Cavallari quit the show following their separation.

Bane ran from Cutler’s Tennesee ranch on November 6, 2020. There is hope that bystanders will find Cutler’s dog and return him safely. Bane appeared on Very Cavallari in 2015, as a smaller puppy and the newest member of the family. The pooch grew a lot over the years and eventually ended up with Cutler after the breakup. Fans were surprised to hear about Jay and Kristin’s split, which seemed messy and played out in the courts. Cutler was demanding custody of their children. There are rumors that Cutler instigated the breakup by having an affair, but the parties involved deny that this occurred. They claim that Cutler and Cavallari grew apart through a decade of marriage, and their differences simply became too great.

Cutler went on his @ifjayhadingragram account and posted a heartfelt plea for the return of his dog. Rural areas can be risky for dogs. as there are predators, as well as miles of land that make it easy to get lost. Cutler reports that Bane was last seen in Old Hillsborough in Franklin, Tennessee. German Shepherds can run up to 20 miles if they are in good shape, so Bane is within a reasonable range if he ran off in a panic or for another reason. See Jay’s Instagram post below:

Bane provided comfort to Kristin’s ex Jay Cutler after the breakup and bonded with him. It is a relief that he didn’t lose custody of the dog during the divorce, which may just be a bitter and contentious one. Many dog owners can relate to how their pets saved their lives during a devastating time. Regardless of what Cutler has or hasn’t done, he deserves his best friend at home, safe and sound.

ScreenRant encourages readers to pass along any information they have about Bane from the Very Cavallari reality show so that he can be returned safely. No one wants to see dogs hurt or lonely.