Killing Eve: Villanelle Crossed The Line When She Killed [SPOILER]

Killing Eve: Villanelle Crossed The Line When She Killed [SPOILER]

Villanelle has murdered numerous victims, but in Killing Eve season 3, she crossed the line. There’s no turning back from this unforgivable kill.

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has killed numerous people, but in the Killing Eve season 3 episode “Are You From Pinner?” she finally crossed the line — when she murdered her own mother, Tatiana (Evgenia Dodina). The psychopathic assassin has been on a personal quest in Killing Eve season 3; instead of pursuing her mutual obsession with Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), Villanelle has been struggling to find what’s been missing from her life, which has led her home to Mother Russia to reunite with her estranged mother and brother.

In the Killing Eve season 2 finale, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) told Villanelle that she had family members who were alive. Villanelle was told they were all dead, just as Tatiana and her younger brother Pytor (Rob Feldman) believed young Oksana (Villanelle’s real name) had died in an orphanage fire. In Killing Eve season 3, Villanelle coaxed Konstantin into locating her family for her, and she did indeed go “home” to reunite with her blood. While Eve’s new handler Dasha (Harriet Walter) was murdering Eve’s husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) in Poland, Villanelle traveled to the rural town of Grizmet in Russia where her mother and brother now live after Tatiana remarried t0 a farmer named Grigoriy (Pedja Bjelac). Along with Grigoriy’s son Fyodor (Dimitrij Schaad) and his girlfriend Yula (Natallia Bulynia), Villanelle met her young half-brother Bor’ka (Temi Blaev), Tatiana’s son with Grigoriy who worships Elton John.

It’s hard to say exactly what Villanelle was hoping for or wanted from this unexpected family reunion but after awkward introductions (and her palpable fear at seeing her mother again), Villanelle was surprised to find herself settling in with her extended family. In spite of herself, she enjoyed getting to know her two brothers and she had a ball at the town’s Harvest Festival, where she was excellent at the games and won first prize (an electric fan) in the dung throwing competition. However, a darkness hovered over her family reunion in the form of her mother; Villanelle realized Tatiana was emotionally abusive to Bor’ka in the same way her mother abused Oksana in her childhood. (Tatiana also likely tortured Pyotr, which led to him having dependency and anger issues). When Tatiana coldly told Villanelle to leave, because “this isn’t your home”, old secrets surfaced and Villanelle realized the evil inside her came from her mother. Being Villanelle, she realized she had to kill her own mother and that’s exactly what she did.

Killing Eve: Villanelle Crossed The Line When She Killed [SPOILER]

Killing Eve: Villanelle Crossed The Line When She Killed [SPOILER]

After she murdered Tatiana in cold blood, Villanelle burned the farmhouse down with Grigoriy, Fyodor, and Yula inside, killing them as well. But Villanelle spared her two brothers, who were in the adjacent barn, and she left Bor’ka 50,000 rubles so he could see Elton John in concert. Disturbingly, while Villanelle has never shown remorse for anyone she killed before, this horrific deed visibly took a toll on her; when Villanelle rode the train out of Grizmet, the Twelve’s most accomplished killer was more psychologically damaged than fans have ever seen her before. A mixture of joy, regret, and pure, crazed evil crossed Villanelle’s face as she rocked out to her headphones — a sign that even though Tatiana is now dead by her hand, her mother’s darkness is always within her.

Delving into Villanelle’s past was a dicey move for Killing Eve and it ended up spiraling her even further into evil. Tatiana may have been an abusive monster, but still, Villanelle killed her own mother, so there’s no turning back or redemption for Villanelle for this unforgivable act (and a part of her likely realizes this). Meanwhile, introducing Tatiana as Villanelle’s mother puts the kibosh on the fan theory that Dasha is actually her mother.

However, the mystery of Villanelle’s father remains. Tatiana placed Okasana in an orphanage out of jealousy that her husband might have loved Oksana more than her, and Tatiana also said her father feared Oksana might do something to the family. But the chance remains that the man who Villanelle remembered as her father was merely Tatiana’s husband but not the man who actually sired her, which leaves open the possibility that Konstantin may still be revealed as Villanelle’s true father later in Killing Eve season 3. If that is indeed the case, then Konstantin will be justifiably horrified that Villanelle crossed an irredeemable line by murdering her own mother.


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