Killing Eve Season 5 Needs To Happen To Save The Show’s Legacy

Killing Eve Season 5 Needs To Happen To Save The Show's Legacy

The final season of Killing Eve neglects to give justice to its themes and story arcs with an unsatisfying resolution only a season 5 can fix.

Killing Eve’s series finale caps off with a dismal view of the characters’ futures, sparking hope in many that a Killing Eve season 5 would be developed in order to fix audience disappointment and save the legacy of the show. With unanswered questions about the identity of the Twelve and the significance of Pam, viewers are left feeling like there is more story to tell. If Killing Eve were to be picked up for a season 5, the tarnished reputation of the show can potentially be redeemed.

With a standing rating below a 5 on IMDB, it is undeniable the finale of Killing Eve “Hello Losers” did not satisfy the masses, nor did it answer the important mysteries season 4 put a spotlight on. Season 4 starts off rocky, finding Eve and Villanelle estranged after the emotional reunion they shared in the Killing Eve season 3 finale where it becomes obvious they have accepted each other at last. Throughout season 4 however, Eve is bitter towards Villanelle, while Villanelle attempts to find her faith to prove that she is willing to change for her. Reconciliation for them looks unlikely, but their mutual interest in taking down the Twelve and their inescapable love for each other reunites them again. Killing Eve leads up to the resolution the show has been hinting at since season 1; Eve and Villanelle get together romantically and the Twelve are located and taken down. While both these goals are reached, their importance is disregarded.

The Killing Eve season 4 finale feels unearned to even so many viewers because of how little screen time is spent on developing a narrative to reach these resolutions naturally, and by wasting time on the inconsequential character arcs of Carolyn’s past and Pam. The renewal of Killing Eve – either by the network that canceled it or a new network altogether – could ensure this ending is altered, thus enabling the show to create another one that provides a more cathartic conclusion to the arcs it had developed. After 4 seasons of pushing the narrative that Eve and Villanelle are two sides of the same coin and that their relationship will triumph against the moral conflict of good and evil, it isn’t allowed to prosper. By brutally killing Villanelle, the show unfairly condemns the unique theme that women who do bad things are still deserving of love. In the novels the series is based on, Luke Jennings writes Villanelle faking her own death, which could be a plot point utilized in a theoretical Killing Eve season 5 in order to bring her back and give justice to the LGBTQ+ relationship the show grew its reputation for. Furthermore, an improved final season could fix the show’s Carolyn problem and make it clear whether she is the head of the Twelve or not, while also answering if Villanelle and Eve truly managed to achieve the goal they have chased for more than a season.

Killing Eve Season 5 Needs To Happen To Save The Show's Legacy
Killing Eve Season 5 Needs To Happen To Save The Show’s Legacy

The series finale of Killing Eve leaves a confusing impression, sending disheartened viewers to social media the week following its premiere to predict Villanelle could be revived in a special Easter episode. The flames of these theories were fanned by the Jesus symbolism throughout Killing Eve season 4 and with how Villanelle’s death is alluded to be an angelic transcendence. The tarot cards scene and the fact that a hidden episode would be the 33rd, the number being Jesus’ age when he was resurrected, added to the optimism (via Reddit). Though the episode never came to be, these theories open a door for a future revival of Killing Eve. While Villanelle’s death appears undeniably real, there is always room for a fake death scenario and a proverbial resurrection. Villanelle can return to Eve’s side and explore their new relationship before they officially dismantle the continuously elusive Twelve.

While Killing Eve seems to be at the end of its road, there is an audience who would get closure from a potential season 5 which can fix the faults of Killing Eve season 4. Whether it be through a figurative resurrection or an elaborate fake-death scenario, it is possible Villanelle can have a victorious comeback. Eve and Villanelle’s story is not over, and their relationship will live on in Jennings’ novels even if Killing Eve season 5 is not announced to save the television series’ legacy.




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