Killjoys Season 5 Trailer & Premiere Date Tease End of the Galaxy

Killjoys Season 5 Trailer & Premiere Date Tease End of the Galaxy

A trailer for Syfy’s sci-fi action series Killjoys has been released, stating the premiere date and teasing some apocalyptic developments.

A brief teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming fifth and final season of Killjoys, also stating the premiere date. The sci-fi action series was renewed for two final seasons back in 2017 to give its writers time and space to plan out the development and conclusion of the story.

Killjoys takes place in the far future, mostly around the Quad, a system of a dwarf planet and its three moons, over which exists a rigidly stratified society. The series follows the exploits of a trio of bounty hunters, the enigmatic ex-assassin Dutch and her two partners in not-quite-crime, the tech wizard Johnny and his former solder brother D’avin, as they traverse the system in search of their quarry while trying to do the right thing as they are caught up in a shadowy conspiracy and the rumblings of a class war that continually threatens to break out

Released on Syfy’s YouTube channel, the trailer gives us a brief glimpse of what we can expect from the concluding batch of ten episodes, and also notes the start date of July 19. The trailer teases that the heroes will have to face “the end of the galaxy… for the last time,” which along with “Armageddon déjà vu,” sums up the tone of series quite nicely. It takes its dramatic moments seriously when it needs to, but not so much that it forgets to allow its characters to have some fun, which is partly why it fared better than Dark Matter, another Syfy sci-fi show it originally aired alongside, which was cancelled after three seasons.

The series was created by Michelle Lovretta, the driving force behind the mythological melting pot of Lost Girl (also a series with a lead character of a beautiful badass with an increasingly convoluted family history), and stars Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, along with Aaron Ashmore as Johnny and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin. Granting some flavor to proceedings are supporting roles of the likes of Lucy (Tamsen McDonough), the AI of the trio’s ship who is in love with Johnny; Turin (Patrick Garrow), their long-suffering boss; Pree (Thom Allison), a flamboyant bar owner; Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen), a ruthless aristocrat; Khlyen (Rob Stewart), Dutch’s secretive mentor; and Zeph (Kelly McCormack), another technical genius with a need to prove herself.

There’s not much to glean from the trailer given its very brief length, although the apocalyptic declarations almost certainly refer to the encroachment of supremely powerful entity The Lady, following on from the portentous closing moments of the finale of season 4. There’s certainly no reason to think that the season won’t deliver more of what viewers have come to expect of it, and the time that the writers were given to craft a proper ending should allow the series to go out on a high, or at least offer an ending far less divisive than some other shows. Although it’s sad that Killjoys is coming to an end, viewers should take solace that it lasted for a full run, especially when airing on a channel notoriously fickle with its shows, and that the adventures of its trio of heroes will be seen through to their conclusion.


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