The Expanse: Luna Station Is Now Safer Than Earth – Season 6 Set Up Explained

The Expanse: Luna Station Is Now Safer Than Earth - Season 6 Set Up Explained

With Earth left devastated in The Expanse season 5, Luna is now the safer place to be, changing the game ahead of the sixth and final season.

The Expanse season 6 enters new territory as Luna becomes a safe haven from the misery on Earth. There was no shortage of major events in Amazon’s latest season of The Expanse, but undoubtedly the most significant was Earth’s near-destruction at the hands of Marco Inaros. A Belter terrorist with an axe to grind, Marco conspired alongside powerful Martian defectors to get his hands on advanced stealth technology, which he then used to launch a sneaky volley of asteroids at Earth. Three hit their mark, and the planet has since been plunged into chaos, with factions fighting over resources and the concept of law swiftly forgotten.

Sitting pretty in the night sky is Earth’s Luna Station which, as the name implies, is located on the moon. As the first site in the Sol system to be colonized by space-faring humans, Luna boasts a population of millions within its underground structures, many of whom are relatively wealthy. Luna acts as a space hub between Earth and the Belt where business and politics collide. After Marco’s attack, however, that’s all set to change.

The Expanse season 5 showed mass evacuation to Luna was already underway. Avasarala’s family, Holden’s family, the rich residents of Winnipesaukee, etc. Following the demise of Nancy Gao when the third rock landed, Earth’s governance has also relocated to the moon, and Avasarala will launch the counterattack against the Free Navy from the satellite. But with anyone on Earth who can afford it making the move to Luna, and the UN’s priority being war against Inaros, a huge divide emerges ahead of The Expanse season 6.

The Expanse: Luna Station Is Now Safer Than Earth - Season 6 Set Up Explained
The Expanse: Luna Station Is Now Safer Than Earth – Season 6 Set Up Explained

The moon is now effectively mini-Earth, where anything of relevance will take place in The Expanse’s final season. From tactical decision-making to clandestine meetings with allies, Luna Station will be the most important (not to mention the safest) stronghold against the Free Navy. Naturally, this means Marco will have his sights set squarely on the moon in the battles to come. Meanwhile, Earth could be left to rot. The planet was already struggling under the burden of crippling overpopulation and scarce resources before the attack, and with Luna now holding everything of importance, the many Earthers who were previously on “basic assistance” welfare are very likely going to be overlooked as bullets become more important than bread.

At only a fraction of Earth’s size, Luna can’t possibly hold every refugee that’ll be looking to escape. This surplus could push escapees further into The Belt and, ultimately, towards the Ring Gates and the new worlds that lie beyond. The colonization of other systems was accelerating before the Free Navy emerged, but as of The Expanse’s season 5 finale, Marco holds the Ring Gate. Unless Avasarala and her allies can reclaim the Ring Gate, Earth and the moon will buckle under the pressure of all the citizens left in disarray following season 5’s big asteroid attack. Earth’s devastation and the wave of immigration to Luna heightens the stakes in the war against Marco. The Ring Gates must be regained at all costs. Whatever happens to the refugees, however, The Expanse season 6 will explore the haunting notion of an Earth that has all but been abandoned.




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