Where You Can Watch True Blood Online

Where You Can Watch True Blood Online

True Blood was one of HBO’s most popular series when it aired from 2008 to 2014. Here’s where you can stream all seven seasons online.

Here’s how viewers can stream True Blood online. True Blood premiered in September 2008 and ran for seven seasons before concluding in 2014. The series, created by Alan Ball, was based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by author Charlaine Harris. True Blood aired during the height of the vampire craze, making it one of HBO’s most popular shows in the network’s history. This wasn’t an innocent young adult series however, True Blood featured many adult themes and a ton of gore.

Even though True Blood ended six years ago, HBO has a tendency to advertise their decades worth of original programming. In the age of streaming and binge-watching, it’s never too late to jump on a show’s bandwagon. For those looking to watch True Blood for the first time or the umpteenth time, there are plenty of ways to stream the series, but it won’t be free.

The easiest way to watch True Blood or any other content owned by HBO would be through the network’s streaming services, HBO Max or HBO. Both services vary in terms of content, and they are used by a different segment of viewers. HBO is free for those who have an HBO cable subscription, whereas HBO Max requires a flat-rate monthly fee to use the stand-alone service, but has additional movies and shows. The services can be used online and through apps on a wide variety of devices. HBO Max comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can watch two weeks worth of True Blood before paying a cent.

Where You Can Watch True Blood Online

Where You Can Watch True Blood Online

Another option for those looking to stream True Blood would be through an Amazon Prime or Hulu account, although they essentially just serve as a middle-man for HBO. Amazon and Hulu both offer HBO or HBO Max add-on packages that cost the same as the standalone service. Purchasing through one’s existing Prime or Hulu account just adds the convenience of centralizing the content one has access to on a single streaming service monthly bill, and streaming ecosystem.

Of course, there are also various other streaming services that allow viewers to rent or buy content, including True Blood. The entire series is available through Google Play, iTunes, Fandango Now, and Vudu. The prices vary for each service and carry options for SD and HD viewing options.


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