Will is alert and needs answers in exclusive Chicago Med season 5

Will is alert and needs answers in exclusive Chicago Med season 5

NBC’s Chicago Med has a lot of questions to answer when its fifth season premieres this week.

In the season 4 finale, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and his true love Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) were seriously injured after a car violently crashed into them while trying to leave the hospital. Just moments before Natalie jumped into Will’s car, Will’s now ex-girlfriend Ingrid (Anna Enger Ritch) told Natalie “she would be a fool” not to reunite with him — while accidentally interrupting Phillip (Ian Harding) from proposing to the ER nurse.

So why did Natalie rush into Will’s car and what was she planning to say to him? Will’s wondering the same thing, as seen in EW’s exclusive clip from the premiere where he’s chatting with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell)…who has apparently not disappeared from the show just yet; it was announced in April he was leaving the show and would not be returning for season 5.

Series showrunners Andy Schneider and Diane Frolov share a little insight as to what fans can expect from the season 5 premiere.


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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: After that insane crash, everyone is dying to know how Natalie is doing. Is she okay? What was she going to tell Will?!

ANDY SCHNEIDER: Natalie will continue to struggle both with her memory loss and the physical effects of the crash. She will also have to contend with other doctors wondering if she’ll come back to work soon given her injuries. The question will remain: Will Natalie get her memory back and if so when? Hopefully, someday she’ll be able to tell Will what she wanted to say when she jumped into the car.

How will Will’s life be changed forever after the accident?
DIANE FROLOV: He will always wonder what Natalie was coming to tell him the night they were hit. So, despite Natalie’s “engagement” to Phillip, Will will be unable to let her go. This will form a tense triangle in season 5.

Connor was a little rough with Ava during the finale. What’s coming up for them?
SCHNEIDER: The important point is that the mystery of Connor’s dad’s death will be solved in the premiere episode — and that will have a huge impact on Connor’s life going forward.

You guys dropped a bomb for April and Dr. Choi. So are they expecting?
FROLOV: The issue of April’s pregnancy and whether she and Ethan will have a baby will be a season-long story.

Will is alert and needs answers in exclusive Chicago Med season 5

* Big news day for Ethan: His sister Emily is shacking up with Bernie’s wife and daughter, which even Ethan admits “might actually be the best solution” for his stability-challenged sis. Oh, and April’s period is late!

* After the woman whom Maggie donated her kidney to comes into the hospital with a tumor, Maggie learns that she is the one who might have breast cancer.

* Dr. Charles and Caroline plan to get married in Honolulu, but Robin doesn’t think it’s a good idea given her mom’s deteriorating health. Charles brushes off his daughter’s concerns, then orchestrates a luau-themed wedding on a boat, where the couple tie the knot.

Season 5 of Chicago Med premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Will is alert and needs answers in exclusive Chicago Med season 5